Vans Authentic at their most stylish? That’ll be the Vans Authentic all-black sneakers. What else could the answer be? These all-black sneakers eschew flashes in favor of the timeless quality of an all-black finish, letting the sneakers speak for themselves. The simple low-top, lace-up profile continues the theme, ensuring simplicity of design and ease of use to go with the gorgeous finish. Vans Authentic all-black sneakers are Hall of Fame-worthy shoes. Unveiled originally in 1966 as Vans #44, the Vans Authentic all-black shoe showcases everything that makes Vans the iconic brand it is. You know where you stand with Vans, and Vans Authentic all-black ensures a stylish look.

36, 37, 38, 40.5, 42.5, 45

Prishtinë / Mati 1,Rruga B
Ferizaj / Rr. Dëshmoret e Kombit
Ferizaj / Fshati Bibaj @bibajsport_obs

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